LU Li’an | 卢丽安

Littérature anglo-américaine | 英美文学


 Biographie | 个人简介



Lian Lu is Associate Dean to College of Foreign Languages and Literatures (in charge of postgraduate education, and faculty research development and management), and Professor of English Literature, Fudan University. 

Lian Lu is interested in identity politics and the formation of subjectivity. Her research areas include Anglo-American Literary Modernism, Feminist Literary Criticism and Women’s Writing, and Gender Studies, H. C. Andersen and the rise of China’s Modern Children’s Literature. Some of the specialist courses she teaches are Anglo-American Modernist Literature, The Bible and Medieval English Literature, Literature/Culture/Feminism/Gender, and Studies on Western Literary Classics, etc. 

Since she joined Fudan University in 1997, Lian Lu had been awarded the following major honors and grand-sponsorships : “Star of the Century” Key-Role Young Teaching Faculties Development Award of Fudan University (2000), Shanghai Municipal Higher Education Excellent Young Faculty Award (2008), 2009-2010 Sino-USA Fulbright Visiting Scholar Project (2010), Fudan University Guan-Hua Scholar Award for the Humanities (2011), Shanghai Municipal Pu-Jiang Scholar (2011). She has also been invited for academic visits to The Institute of Research on Women and Gender, the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), the USA, the English Departments of Hamburg University, Germany, and of the College of Humanities, the University of Exeter, England, and of the Hans Christian Andersen Centre, The University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. 

Lian Lu has compiled Readers for China’s university English majors, and a literary anthology, translated a book of literary criticism and a few essays, and written critical essays and one monograph in literary studies. Her critical essay “Politicizing Hamlet : Early Modern England’s Political and Gender Crises” won the Second Prize Essay by the 12th Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Research Works (2014).

 Lian Lu is also a social activist promoting Feminism, Cross-Taiwan Strait Communication and National Reunification. Due to her social engagement, she has been awarded March 8th Woman of the Year in Shanghai (2002), and Shanghai Woman of Outstanding Social Contribution (2016).